The Charmed Children
A Next Generation Charmed Roleplay

"I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately." 

  • Name: Parker Halliwell
  • Age: Nineteen 
  • Parents: Phoebe and Coop Halliwell 
  • Powers: Witch, Cupid 
  • Faceclaim: Lucy Hale

Parker was born at a time when the magical powers shifted and all magic beings were left powerless. This put Parker at a great disadvantage, because her powers didn’t come in until much later in her life. While her siblings were both able to learn magic as a child, Parker couldn’t because she was powerless for the first few years of her life and her powers took longer to develop. This has made Parker feel less special than her two sisters, especially because she is the middle child. 

However, despite the fact that her magic may not be up to par, she makes up for it with her amazing personality. Everyone loves Parker, no matter who they are. Parker makes friends left and right, and not a single person can say that they honestly dislike her. She is sugar sweet and just a beautiful. Her good looks and wonderful disposition help her to make long lasting friendships.

Even though her older sister, Prue, is extremely loyal to her, Parker finds it difficult to relate to her. Prue is perfect. She has loads of power, she’s smart, she’s everything. So Parker can’t help but feel inferior whenever Prue is around, and she often tries to prove herself to be better than her. They have a very good relationship, but in the back of Parker’s mind she can’t help but wonder if Prue looks down on her. 

So what are you waiting for? This sweet witch/cupid hybrid is up for grabs here! Go snag her before she’s taken, you won’t regret it! 

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